Jonathan B. Sherwood
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It’s not the roof, but what’s under the roof that counts.

- Jonathan B. Sherwood



Jonathan B. Sherwood is a seasoned business entrepreneur and professional roofer who has been in the roofing industry for over a decade. To date, Jonathan is responsible for providing full service catastrophe damage repair and replacement services to over 2,500 roofs in a variety of locations throughout the United States for both commercial and residential property owners. These insurance claims have a combined total loss amount exceeding $70 million. He has extensive experience in commercial low sloped roofs, SPF & Fluid applications, and also specializes in serving multi-family apartments as well as builders of new construction. In addition to his vast experience, Jonathan is certified with a number of accreditations including HAAG Certified Commercial/Residential Inspector, Tile Roofing Institute Certified, Gaco Western Certified, GAF Certified, Infrared ITC Thermography Certified, and OSHA certified.


In 2016, Jonathan sold his roofing business in Denver, Colorado, G2 Roofing & Construction, to the Regional Operations Manager of Johns Mansville, and relocated to Dallas/Fort Worth to service and pursue new roofing opportunities. As a result, Jonathan joined JNT Developers, Inc., an established roofing and construction company in the DFW area known for its reputation and culture, where he now oversees all of the roofing division operations for the company as President. Jonathan’s customer service oriented and results driven experience along with his passion for helping people have led him to become a favorite with his customers, who value his straight forward approach and the fact that he always puts their needs first. His absolute bottom line goal is to always maintain, if not increase every customer’s property value.

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